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Author: Mike Sharp Last Updated: 2/28/2002 Note: Please send updates/additions/corrections to
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Project Summary

brewnix is the brewing software for many varieties of *nix, and we need your help! Rather than pay for some expensive Windows platform program, join in the development of this open source alternative.

Recent News:
BLH TCL GUI now available in CVS
    ghowell - 2002-02-24 17:06   -   BrewNIX Beer Brewing Software
An older attempt at a TCL based GUI for brewnix (entitled 'Brewer's Little Helper') has been found, and is now available in the CVS tree, under the 'blh' branch. This may be folded into the main branch, or set up as a separate point in the future. It is included now only to have the source 'be' somewhere.
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debian package available
    ghowell - 2002-02-13 16:11   -   BrewNIX Beer Brewing Software
Debian package available. Not very tested at this point. Please try and report back on results.
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RPM available
    ghowell - 2002-02-13 15:56   -   BrewNIX Beer Brewing Software
An rpm is now available. It is compiled in Mandrake 7.0 on a PII. Please be careful with this file, as it is not much tested at this point.

This link will get you to the files section:
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Brewnix v1.0.2 Available
    ghowell - 2002-02-11 19:18   -   BrewNIX Beer Brewing Software
New version of Brewnix is now available. Check: or check the downloads section here.

New features include autoconf support. Also features improved usage for non-root users.
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New how-to document
    ghowell - 2002-01-28 21:05   -   BrewNIX Beer Brewing Software
For those who were befuddled as to how to get BrewNIX up and running, there is a new document under (naturally) the docs section. Entitled: v 1.01 README.first, it works with the tarball release.
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Project Info
Development Status: 3 - Alpha, 4 - Beta, 5 - Production/Stable
Environment: Curses, X11 Applications
Intended Audience: Developers, End Users/Desktop
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Natural Language: English
Operating System: IRIX, Linux, SunOS/Solaris
Programming Language: C, C++, Tcl
Topic: Other/Nonlisted Topic
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